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Mission Statement

In recent years, bullying has become more and more a part of our social conscious. We have created an Anti-Bully Community Task Force to bring you local resources and services to help parents, schools, students and our community.

The mission of this Task Force is to build a coordinated community support system with a multifaceted approach using many tools and resources to address the issues related to bullying.

The purpose of our Task Force is to raise awareness of bullying within our schools and in our communities. We will share ideas, initiatives and innovative programs with our parents, schools, students and our community.

How Can I Get Involved

There are 3 ways that you can get involved:

1) Don’t ignore it.
2) Help! Spread the word about the website and the local resources available.
3) Support the actions and initiatives of the Community Anti Bully Task Force by contacting us. We will keep you posted!

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